2018 Music Concerts

[2018 Concerts confirmed so far are updated on this page. Watch this space for further updates on 2018 concert schedule. If you can any suggestions regarding artists send us a note to contactus@ragact.org]

Venue for all ConcertsCVHTS Auditorium, 11 Training Hill Road, Middletown, CT

April 08, 2018 (Sunday) 4 PMAishwarya Vidhya Raghunath - Carnatic Vocal Concert, accompanied by Trivandrum N Sampath - Violin, Delhi Sairam - Mridangam  [Facebook Event Link; Concert Flyer - Link]

Aishwarya Vidhya Raghunath - Vocal Trivandrum N Sampath - Violin Delhi Sairam - Mridangam

April 22, 2018 (Sunday) 4 PMSangeetha Swaminathan - Carnatic Vocal Concert, accompanied by Kalyan Gopalakrishnan - Violin, Kavichelvan - Mridangam [Facebook Event Link; Concert Flyer - Link]

Sangeetha Swaminathan - Vocal Kalyan Gopalakrishnan - Violin Kavichelvan  - Mridangam

May 20, 2018 (Sunday) 4 PM: Hindustani Concert Taal Vaadya Gaan: Sameehan Kashalkar - Hindustani Vocal, Sarwar Hussain - Sarangi, Ramendra Singh Solanki - Tabla, Sukhad Munde - Pakhawaj [Facebook Event Link; Concert Flyer - LinkThis concert is now cancelled due to unforeseen reasons. We apologize for the inconvenience 

Sameehan Kashalkar - Vocal Sarwar Hussain - Sarangi Ramendra Singh - Tabla Sukhad Munde  - Pakhawaj

June 03, 2018 (Sunday) 4 PMRithvik Raja - Carnatic Vocal Concert, accompanied by M Rajeev - Violin, Praveen Sparsh - Mridangam, Anirudh Athreya - Kanjira [Facebook Event URL; Concert Flyer - Link]

Rithvik Raja - Vocal M Rajeev - Violin Praveen Sparsh  - Mridangam Anirudh Athreya  - Kanjira

June 17, 2018 (Sunday) 4 PMRajeshwari Satish - Carnatic Vocal Concert, accompanied by Radhika Mani - Violin, Praveen Sitaram - Mridangam [Facebook Event URL; Concert Flyer - Link]

Rajeshwari Satish - Vocal Radhika Mani - Violin Praveen Sitaram  - Mridangam


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