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RAGA took shape on Makarasankranti, 2006 as an informal group of people whose primary aim is to appreciate, enjoy and promote one of the Classical Music of India.

RAGA kicked off the second decade of its service to the community with the successful Sampradaya Competition with sole focus to encourage and recognize classical music talent among children. This year, in 2017 the event was held on Sunday, April 01, 2017 at the Auditorium of Keigwin Middle School, Middletown, CT. Event pictures are posted on the Facebook page. For Samprdaya 2018 announcements refer to the Sampradaya page.

Sampradaya 2017 - Competition ResultsClick Here

Continue your commitment Raga Club of CT and your appreciation for India Classical Music in any one of the following ways:

Raga Music concerts - Ticket policy:

  • RAGA member and 3 more persons from immediate family (spouse and two additional immediate family members) are allowed free to RAGA concerts. Co-sponsored concerts and special concerts may have different ticketing arrangements.
  • Other guests accompanying a RAGA member should buy tickets at $25 per person
  • Non-Raga Members - suggested donation $25 per person

RAGA is a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization (Tax ID: 263184239). All your donations are tax deductibleYou may donate to RAGA right here, using your credit card, by clicking on the picture of Goddess Saraswati below. 

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2018 Music Concerts

[2018 Concerts confirmed so far are updated on this page. Watch this space for further updates on 2018 concert schedule. If you can any suggestions regarding artists send us a note to contactus@ragact.org]

April 08, 2018 (Sunday) 4 PMAishwarya Vidhya Raghunath - Carnatic Vocal Concert, accompanied by Trivandrum N Sampath - Violin, Delhi Sairam - Mridangam

Aishwarya Vidhya Raghunath - Vocal Trivandrum N Sampath - Violin Delhi Sairam - Mridangam

April 22, 2018 (Sunday) 4 PMT.V. Sankaranarayanan - Carnatic Vocal Concert, accompanied by K L Dileep - Violin, V.S. Raghavan - Mridangam

T V Sankaranarayanan - Vocal K L Dileep - Violin V S Raghavan  - Mridangam

May 20, 2018 (Sunday) 4 PM: Hindustani Concert Taal Vaadya Gaan: Sameehan Kashalkar - Hindustani Vocal, Sarwar Hussain - Sarangi, Ramendra Singh Solanki - Tabla, Sukhad Munde - Pakhawaj

Sameehan Kashalkar - Vocal Sarwar Hussain - Sarangi Ramendra Singh - Tabla Sukhad Munde  - Pakhawaj

June 03, 2018 (Sunday) 4 PMRithvik Raja - Carnatic Vocal Concert, accompanied by M Rajeev - Violin, Praveen Sparsh - Mridangam, Anirudh Athreya - Kanjira

Rithvik Raja - Vocal M Rajeev - Violin Praveen Sparsh  - Mridangam Anirudh Athreya  - Kanjira


Title: Person Mail Address:
Board Chair Dr. Sheenu Srinivasan
President Shri. Vir Gopalan president@ragact.org
Secretary Shri. Badri Narayanan secretary@ragact.org
Treasurer Shri. Gopal Iyer treasurer@ragact.org
Raga Board contactus@ragact.org

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